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Solid Kitchen Dish Soap + Scrub Pad Set ~ Indigo Mint
Solid Kitchen Dish Soap + Scrub Pad Set ~ Indigo Mint

Solid Kitchen Dish Soap + Scrub Pad Set ~ Indigo Mint

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This eco friendly, solid, all purpose dish and kitchen cleaning soap bar is made from only organic virgin coconut oil and lightly scented with essential oils. These ingredients are about as pure and simple as can be, yet they WORK effectively to remove dirt, grease and food with no nasty chemicals or by-products going down the drain into our waterways, and no wasteful plastic bottle added to the landfill. You'll be happy to discover how long your solid dish soap bar will last, easily washing more dishes than a big bottle of dish soap can. Wet the soap, rub your scrubber or sponge on it, and use it to clean dishes, pots, pans, grandma's china, countertops, etc!

This practical, hardworking, long lasting dish soap comes scented in either citrus or mint. A biodegradable coconut fiber scrub pad comes with each soap block and serves dual purpose as a soap rest for in between washes, and as an eco friendly dish scrubber. Simply toss it in your compost bin at the end of its life!

  • Dish soap scent profile is minty fresh 
  • Great for removing grease, germs and dirt, highly cleansing 
  • Handmade dish soap bar weighs approx. 6 oz

*Please note price is for one bar of soap and a coconut fiber scrub pad.



~ All-Natural, Vegan, and Palm-Oil Free ~

Saponified Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Natural Indigo Powder + Love :)

About Salt + Clay 

Salt + Clay cold process soaps are 100% earth friendly and hand-poured in Marin County, California. We use the highest quality natural ingredients and always take a sustainable approach. That means no palm oil or mined micas, and no exploitative or destructive farming practices. Our artisanal small-batch soaps are unique and beautiful—inside and out.

Tip! To help your soap last longer, we recommend using a draining soap dish.